XPert Trainer Ausbildungen

Hier erhältst du einen Überblick über alle anstehenden XPert Pole Fitness Trainerausbildungen. XPert bietet professionelle Ausbildungen in unterschiedlichen Bereichen des Aerial Fitness an und bereitet dich ideal darauf vor, deine Leidenschaft zum Beruf machen zu können.

21./22.09.19: Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2 – 2 DAY, 16-HOUR TRAINING

„XPERT Pole Fitness 1 & 2 is our leading beginner / intermediate teacher training programme. Designed and developed to ensure that instructors lead a safe, effective, fun pole fitness workout.

This training will prepare you to lead a beginner/intermediate level pole fitness class and includes pole conditioning exercises, spins, climbs, and introduces inversion techniques. XPERT Pole Fitness 1 & 2 provides a more in depth and extensive explanation and overview of proper spotting techniques and modifications designed to provide instructors with the skills necessary to ensure participants of all fitness levels experience a safe and effective workout.

XPERT Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2 is the best start to your teaching career.

*Note: A minimum of 6 months Pole experience is required“

31.08./01.09.18: Pole Fitness Level 3 & 4 2-DAY, 16-HOUR TRAINING

„XPERT Pole Fitness 3 & 4 is our next step in Pole Fitness, designed and developed to expand on the foundations of pole fitness covered in Level 1&2. Ideal for the instructor who wants to expand their knowledge and take their instruction to new heights by introducing new inversions and intermediate manoeuvres.
This exciting and interactive training emphasizes proper form, appropriate spotting, smooth transitions, and clear and concise instruction. Level 3&4 encompasses the technical aspects of pole fitness through the introduction of more advanced techniques that require precise skill and training.

*Note: Pole Fitness Level 1 &2 is required“

20./21.07.19: XPERT Aerial Hoop 2-DAY, 16-HOUR Training

„XPERT Aerial Hoop Fitness Professional teacher training is designed to teach participants the skills needed to safely and effectively instruct an Aerial Hoop fitness class. Participants develop the essential teaching skills which will enable them to become a confident and well trained instructor. The multi-level trainings will help instructors grow and improve your knowledge and skills.

The XPERT Aerial Hoop course takes you back to the fundamentals of aerial hoop and gives you the tools to control groups at different abilities, whilst making it safe and FUN!
The Aerial Hoop course main emphasis is on how to teach a safe and effective group fitness aerial class.

*Note: A minimum of 6 months Aerial or Pole experience is required“